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  • Nonwoven color - flame retardant

    The nonwoven color - flame retardant is one, with special additives, latex dispersion color. It was specially adapted to our offered nonwovens. In contrast to the pure fabric color, the nonwoven fabric is color - heavily flammable strictly aligned on the carrier material and can not be combined with other types of material. The cause is the dosage of the difficult-flammable additives. The nonwoven color - flame retardant penetrates with the first order into the tissue. Already at the first order, the color covers full-surface. The second order forms a matte fully color layer on the support material. The integrated latex makes the color elastic and durable. Even a wash the color can not harm. The color is steadily recreated on the fabric. The nonwoven color - flame retardant is very efficient and consequently ideal for our nonwovens standard (one-way bands) and premium (adhesive block banner). The color palette is extensive and covers the complete RAL clay area. Special colors can be developed on customer request. The nonwoven color - flame retardant is offered in the 5 liter or 10 liters containers. Packed in a plastic bucket with resealable lid. After a drying time of at least 3 hours, the fabric banner is packable and transportable. The color is ready to run and ready for immediate use. In the case of a full-surface order of the color on the carrier material, a transfer of the heavily flammable property to a carrier material without this basic characteristic is possible.

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