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  • Plastic film sheet according to patterns 3 bar pattern

    The PE film standard sheet has a thickness of 40µ (0.04mm), captivating with its low weight, without sacrificing tear resistance, and offering high colour strength in combination with a water-repellent, slightly glossy finish front and back identical surface. The film has a high colour content and can be described as almost opaque. The plastic film sheet is extremely weather resistant. In contrast to the matte colour characteristic of the paper board, the foil panel can give the overall picture an elegant gloss without worrying about mirror effects. 2 standard sizes are available. The plastic film sheet is made in sizes 75x50 and 90x75 cm. The 90x75 format provides ideal coverage in the seating area. In the standing area the format 75x50 cm is completely sufficient. Custom-made products in special sizes or quantities are available on request through our own production facility. Of course, we also offer the foil panel in the fire protection "flame retardant". See plastic film sheet according to patterns - fire retardant.